Sunday, 7 June 2009

Travel Bug Hits hard

Hi All,

Wow, well let me just say that I am brand new at this blogging thing... so please forgive me as I learn the ropes!

I arrived in london a few months ago and I have been completely bitten by the travel bug. Experiencing different cultures really awakens the soul and the key to most of this is food. Food is probably the biggest distinguishable cultural difference for most nationalities, so by experiencing their food you are experinecing a massive part of their culture. As much as I love travelling, I love to experience cultures in my own home just as much.

Which brings me to the basis of this blog - mixing travel and cooking. My life revolves around planning my next trip and my next meal, its such an exhilirating experience. The amount of time I spend researching for a trip, accomodation (good location, good price and cleanliness) is crazy and can be exhausting especially when you are trying to get all three points in one and when there is usually a group of 10 or more going as well finding great places to go to. Of course you always need to leave space for flexibility. The best thing about travelling is experiencing some spontaneity in an unknown world.

Please join me in my preparations as well as through my journeys of my trips.
Hope you enjoy the ride...

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